The Philosophy of Our Practice

The phenomenon pain is a person’s subjective lasting perception that can limit the person in his professional activity or in his leisure to an extremely high degree.

Though different organ systems (e.g. bones, musculature, vessels) are engaged in the development and processing of the pain process, the painful impulses are primarily transmitted through the nerve fibers (peripheral and central nervous system) that can be involved at different places.

The complexity of the pain process makes it necessaryto carry out extensive diagnostics first in order to find the cause.

The philosophy of our treatment respects this necessity by making a strict difference between diagnostics and therapy at the beginning: In addition to the individual medical consultation based on the questionnaire and to the physical examination, we check, if the results of the necessary diagnostic investigations (e.g. computed or magnetic resonance tomography, neurophysiology) are available or these investigations still have to be done.

First we localize the structures that are most likely involved into the pain process and then we work out a multi-level treatment strategy. We attach great importance to the interventional pain therapy. This way medication can be brought directly to the target (micro local therapy or minimally invasive procedures); thus we can avoid surgeries.

This cutting edge medicine is based on applying highly modern technical equipment, networking and respecting patients’ needs. We see us as service providers: service and high quality of treatment determine a good reputation. Our many years of experience as spine surgeon treating various pain syndromes guarantee you a quality analysis and assessment of the diagnostic findings that build the basis for a successful therapy.

Pain Therapy Is a question of trust!

Our goal:

We want to find the cause of your pain.


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Pain Therapy is a Question of Trust!

Schmerztherapie ist Vertrauenssache