• Pain analysis (based on questionnaire)
  • Analysis and interpretation of electrophysiological findings:
    NCV (nerve conduction velocity)
    EMG (electromyography)
    SEP (somatosensory evoked potentials)
    MEP (magnetic evoked potentials) and
    medical imaging (X-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI))
  • Referral to a cooperating physician for additional diagnostics, if necessary
  • Bone density measurement (osteodensitometry)

Diagnostics and Individual Health Services

Not all services that we offer in our practice and that serve the purpose of successful treatment are listed in the service catalogue of the medical insurance and therefore they are not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance.

The statutory health insurance does not pay precise diagnostics methods which give you more certainty than usual methods either. These examinations are referred to as "individual health services".