Therapy Methods

RF Facet Denervation and Thermocoagulation

FacettendenervationThe denervation (nerve tissue damage) of the small vertebral joints (facets) is one of the most effective methods of the interventional pain therapy for patients with recurrent back pain. The cause of this facet syndrome is the chronic irritation of the nerve fibre in the small verterbral joints. During this low-risk, minimally invasive intervention the nerve fibre conducting pain is cut by means of heat lesion (neurotomie) with the help of transformation of electrical (radio frequency).

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Sacroiliac Joint Infiltration (Sacrum-Ilium Joint) / Infiltration Therapy in Osteoarthritis of Joints

GelenkinfiltrationIn case of osteoarthritis the joint cartilage degenerates as a result of wear, nonuse and aging. The degeneration mostly affects the spine joints (spondylarthritis or facet arthritis), the hip joints (coxarthrosis), the shoulder joints (omarthrosis) or the knee joints (gonarthritis). Among the causes for the regular wear and tear and increasing joint cartilage breakdown (resorption) are obesity, bad posture, incorrect weightbearing and lack of movement. Results are painful mobility restriction with acute inflammation and joint space narrowing. Specific infiltrations under X-ray control can help.

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Disc nucleoplasty
Joint infiltration (cortisone and hyaluronic acid)
Sacral block
(caudal anesthesia)
infiltration (nerve root respectively PRT)
Epidural & peridural infiltration (pain therapy close to the spinal cord)
Botox injection
TENS treatment
Bio electromagnetic energy regulation (BEMER)
Infrared heat therapy
Pulsation cupping massage
Local cortisone therapy


SchroepfmassageCupping massage

The cupping is a tried and tested method which has almost no side effects.

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Back and Joint Pain Prevention: Learn How to Sit, Lift, Carry Correctly

Richtig Sitzen, Stehen, HebenYou can avoid a lot of painful experiences if you pay more attention to your posture while sitting and especially while lifting and carrying different objects (not only heavy weights – but in this case be even more attentive!). The conscious perception and the sensation of the own body (e.g. during physiotherapy or sports activities) stabilize the posture and motor organs: movements improve the posture – and the posture determines the movement quality.

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Therapy and Individual Health Services

Not all services that we offer in our practice and that serve the purpose of successful treatment are listed in the service catalogue of the medical insurance and therefore they are not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance.
The statutory health insurance does not pay precise diagnostics methods which give you more certainty than usual methods either. These examinations are referred to as "individual health services".

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